The initial one-hour consultation is $40. During this hour I will show you what changes I could make, give you a sketch of the restyled dress and a firm estimate. If you choose to leave your wedding gown with me it this consultation will be considered your first fitting and the $40 consultation fee will be applied to the final cost of the project. 

All of your fittings will be scheduled at your first consultation. At your first (and second) fitting, you will have a good mock-up of the final dress, and we'll make minor adjustments to the fit and design. As with alterations, we will determine if you need a bra, and if so what kind. At your final fitting, we'll make sure the dress fits perfectly for your wedding day.




​​Vintage restyling and alterations since 1987

Vintage & Restyling

Payment will be due at your final fitting. I take ONLY checks or cash and I don’t take credit/debit cards.

Using a vintage wedding dress from a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or any other part of your family is a great idea when a bride would like a piece of her family history intertwined into her magical wedding day. You may love the idea of using a vintage wedding dress, but you may not be entirely in love with her style from the 1960s, '70s or '80s. Tastes change… there is nothing wrong with that and I am here to tell you that there is hope! These types of projects are my favorite because they allow me to use my creativity and imagination! 

Initial Consultation

My typical fee for a vintage/restyling project is $700-$1200, depending on the amount of changes that need to be made. A firm estimate will be reached at the initial consultation. The $40 consultation fee will be applied towards to total fee.

For vintage restyling projects, it's best to schedule  your first consultation 8-12 months before your wedding.  Please  email me the pictures of original dress so I can prepare suggestions and ideas for restyling it. It would be also helpful to have some images of your ideas and favorite style if you have any.  The restyling process consists of an initial consultation, plus 2-3 additional fittings.