I don’t take any deposits and I always take full payment at the final fitting before you take your dress with you. I take ONLY checks or cash and I don’t take credit/debit cards.

Third  Fitting

Second  Fitting

Your dress will be 100% ready. We put it on one last time to make sure it fits you perfectly before you pick it up.

First Fitting

Unless it has been custom made, the bridal gown you purchased is not designed to fit your exact measurements. As with any garment, especially a wedding gown, a perfect fit requires the experienced and steady hand of an expert seamstress, knowledgeable in the art and science of wedding gown design and custom tailoring. I can make your dress fit you like a glove and, you can have a look to remember!

Shorten Bodice$90-$200
Take in/out bust/zipper$90-$160
Take in/out at the waist$90-$120
Replace zipper$70-$120
Take up shoulders with sleeves$120
Take up shoulders without sleeves$90
Shorten straps$90
Shorten Sleeves$90
Bra stitch in dress$60
Push up pads stitch to bra$60
1 hour consultation*$40
Custom veils (made on a comb)$120-150
Embroidered monograms$60


*Consultation fee applies to final payment if you leave your dress with me at the end of the appointment.

​​Vintage restyling and alterations since 1987


Second fitting usually takes about 20 min.

You will need to bring an undergarment (if you decided you need one on your first fitting). You also can bring various jewelry pieces and other things to try on with your dress. Most of the work on your dress will be done by hand and I will do a minor tune up if needed before we machine it.


These prices are accurate and static so that you can budget correctly if you know what alterations you will need. Beading, lace and extensive hems will cost extra; a quote will be finalized at your first fitting. 

It's best to schedule your first fitting as soon you have ordered your dress (4-6 months before the wedding).  That way, as soon as your dress arrives, the fitting process can begin. 

​First fitting usually takes about one hour.

You will need to bring your dress and shoes. Shoes don't have to be the ones you are going to wear on your wedding but they have to have the same height for hemming the dress. Please don't worry about an undergarment or bra. During our first fitting we will determine if you need one and if you do, I will let you know what style and where you can buy it. 

Typically, it takes three fittings to complete bridal gown alterations, but it can be done in two. You can bring up to six friends and relatives with you to your fittings.  You can also bring champagne! (I will provide the glasses and chocolate). After all, it's all about having fun and an amazing experience with friends and loved ones.  Make sure youcontact meas soon as you know when your dress will arrive!